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Banned Books Challenge Students Thought Process

Posted September 30th, 2016

Libraries are full of books, some to entertain, some to teach lessons and some to challenge the status quo.  PV Junior High students spent time during Banned Book week (September 26-September 30) learning about why someone would ask to take any type of book off the shelves.

Teacher Librarian Anita Roche led the discussion, starting by asking students to journal about this question:  Is there ever a time a book should be banned?  After the journal writing, students talked about their thoughts:  perhaps a book should be banned if the content is age appropriate, like the Twilight Series in an elementary school or books shouldn’t be banned because who really decides what’s good and what’s bad.  Mrs. Roche said a lot of books are challenged (asked to be banned), but very few are banned.

Students looked at the top six reasons books have been banned (religious thought, sexual explicitly, homosexuality, offensive language, violence and age appropriateness) and discussed whether or not they thought these ideas were important to keep books from readers.  Students took those ideas and looked at several books that have been banned in certain places and tried to figure out why they might have been banned.

The students have told their teachers the presentation made them think twice about what they read, and why some people ask for books to be banned.

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