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Iowa Report Card Released

Posted January 13th, 2017

Thursday, January 12, 2017, the state launched the updated 2016 Iowa School Report Card website that provides a snapshot of how all Iowa public schools and districts are performing in eight measurable areas.  Each school will then be grouped by comparable grade configurations (e.g., elementary schools, middle schools, high schools) into one of the six overall ratings:  Exceptional, High-Performing, Commendable, Acceptable, Needs Improvement, and Priority.

The Iowa School Report Card website,, was developed by the Iowa Department of Education as a requirement of the 2013 education reform law. This component of the law, requires the Department to evaluate and rate schools based on their performance on the following eight measures:

The Iowa School Report Card rates schools on the following educational measures:

  • Proficiency: The percentage of students scoring proficient or better on reading and mathematics assessments.
  • Closing Achievement Gap (FRL, IEP and ELL): A measure that reflects a statewide goal of narrowing the gap in achievement for students with disabilities, students who are eligible for free and reduced-price meals, and English Language Learners.
  • Closing Achievement Gap (Minority student within school comparison): A measure that reflects a statewide goal of narrowing the gap in achievement for between minority and non-minority students. This measure reports the difference in proficiency levels between student groups within the school.
  • Closing Achievement Gap (Minority student to state average): A measure that reflects a statewide goal of narrowing the gap in achievement for between minority and non-minority students. This measure reports the difference in proficiency levels between minority students in the school to the statewide average.
  • College and Career-Ready Growth: The percentage of students who are making the year-to-year growth necessary to be ready for college and career training by the end of high school.
  • Annual Expected Growth: The percentage of students making a year of academic growth in a year’s time on reading or mathematics assessments.
  • College and Career Readiness: The percentage of students who score at or above a level of performance in reading and mathematics that predicts a higher probability of postsecondary success. (Middle/high schools only.)
  • Graduation Rate: The percentage of ninth-grade students who finished high school within five years. (High schools only.)
  • Attendance: The average daily attendance of students, which is the total number of days students were enrolled and present divided by the total number of possible attendance days.
  • Staff Retention: The percentage of teachers, school administrators and other licensed staff members who remained employed in a school over consecutive school years.
  • Parent Involvement Teacher Survey: A survey of teacher practices and perceptions of parent involvement. This measure is for information purposes only and is not included in the overall rating. This measure along with a parent survey to parents will be included in the ratings in future versions of the report card.

We believe this information can be helpful in our goal of having the finest academic and extra-curricular programs in the state. Not in some things but in everything. Not for some kids but for every kid. However, student performance data only tells part of the story about how our schools are doing. Our belief as a district is that it is critical that we maintain a mindset of continuous improvement for all of our programs, learners and staff. Working with our schools to support high learning expectations for your child(ren) is a critical component to achieving excellent outcomes for each and every student.

2017-18 Course Selection for PVHS

Posted January 9th, 2017

Please make yourself familiar with the following list of events and meeting, which will help you and your student select courses for the 2017-18 school year.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 9th and 10th Grade Class meetings during school hours
Wednesday, January 25, 2017 7pm Current 10th Graders Student/ Parent Meeting PVHS Theatre
Wednesday, February 1, 2017 7pm Current 11th Graders Student/ Parent Meeting PVHS Theatre
Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 11th Grade Class meeting during school hours
Tuesday, February 14th, 2017 Incoming 9th Grade Student/Parent Meeting 7pm PVHS Theatre (A-J)
Thursday, February 16th, 2017 Incoming 9th Grade Student/Parent meeting 7pm PVHS Theatre (K-Z)

Parents and students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the on-line 2017-18 Course Registration booklet, prior to making course selections.  To access this booklet, click here.

Beginning on January 24, 2017, the Infinite Campus Student Portal will be opened for current 9th, 10th and 11th grade students to select their course requests for the coming year. (Current 8th graders will register for high school classes at a later date.) If you have questions about course selection, please contact the high school Counseling office at 563-332-6250. Online course registration closes on February 27, 2017. If course requests are not made by this time, the Counseling office will make selections for the student.

The portal opens for registration on February 14th for current eighth graders who will be entering 9th grade this fall.

To begin the registration process, log in to the Student Portal by clicking here.  For further directions, including login information, please click here for the portal instructions.

NOTE:  If you have a student who is currently enrolled in another school district, but plan to enroll him/her at Pleasant Valley High School for the 2017-18 school year, please contact the counseling office at 332-6250 to begin the registration and course selection process.

PVHS Celebrates Fall Accomplishments

Posted December 20th, 2016

There is always a lot to celebrate in Pleasant Valley and on December 6, 2016, PVHS celebrated a season of successes!  As the students and staff do three times a year, they gathered to honor academic, extracurricular, and athletic achievements.  Check out the list below, along with pictures and video!  Congratulations, Spartans!


Directors:  Bill Myatt, Francis Dunbar
Congratulations to the cast, crew and pit of Sweeney Todd on a phenomenal performance in Cedar Falls to close The Iowa Thespian Festival!  The show has been selected as one of six shows from across the country to be performed at the International Thespian Festival in June.  The students and staff were treated to a scene from the show, which started with the untimely death of the man himself, Principal Mike Zimmer.

Other Theatre Recognition goes to
– Maaz Ahmed who has been elected to the Iowa State Thespian Board.
–  Megan Maloney, Cassie Berta, Lauren Carroll, London Bicknell (twice) for placing in the top 3 various Individual Events and qualifying for competition at The International Thespian Festival in June.
– PV’s three Improve Teams, who swept the Improve category at the Iowa Thespian Festival!

1st Place Team = Hatrick  
Joey Dwyer
Michael Guhin
Robbie Williams

2nd Place Team = WACIT
Molly Dipple
Odin McDonald
Kaylynn Nowak
Olivia Peters 

3rd Place Team = The Select Button
Maaz Ahmed
Sam Lindhoff
Ali Rizvi
Keshav Wagle


National Merit Semi-Finalists: (Scored in the top 1% of the more than 1.5 million students participating in the 2014 PSAT exam).
Catherine Byrne
Hannah Humes
Samuel Lederman
Patrick McMonagle
Matthew Nelson
Margarita Rasgado Lopez
Isaac Sears
Emily Suen

National Merit Commended: (Scored in the top 5% of the more than 1.5 million students participating in the 2014 PSAT exam).
Emily Nutt
Millenama Prasai
Harrison Qu

ACT Exam

Students scoring in the top 5% of more than 1.7 million students participating nationally
Michael Brees
Darian Creighton
Evelyn D’Antico
Abigail Davison
Rory Donahue
Kaleb Dykema
Vincent Gnad
Benjamin Gorman
Sujay Marisetty
Arjun Salgado-Westman
Maya Sheybani
Collin Smith
Trenton Vogele
Students in the top 3%

Samina Abdullah
Ethan Good
Austin Halupnik
Dylan Hartford
Emma Hartman
Shashank Inampudi
Roshini Penmatcha
Olivia Peters
Maragarita Rasgado-Lopez
Max Royer
Justin Sehlin
Caroline Sharis

Students in the top 1%

Cartherine Byrne
Harrison Qu
Patrick McMonagle
Peter Mills
Alexander Wong


Instructors:  Aimee Peters and Devin Hanson

Festival of Trees High School Art Exhibit
Jordan Keyes has been awarded first place in 3D Art
Carly O’Toole has been awarded 1st place in Drawing
Lauren Brewer has been awarded 2nd place in Drawing
*All 3 students are in AP Studio Art, Jordan is also in Ceramics.

Advisor: Tracy Lux
Together, Pleasant Valley raised a total of 35,327 lbs district-wide.  That calculates to 25.56 pounds per student.

Advisor: Jamie Homb
Congratulations on their strong showing at the Princeton University Math Competition!  Our team was one of 80 invited from the best schools across the country, based on how well students did on a national Math test. Math Team Members who competed are Captain, Sam Lederman, Isaac Sears, Aadil Manazir,  Aman Manazir, Shashank Inampudi, Darsh Balani, Vishwajit Subramanian and Aditya Desai.

Advisor:  Maureen Dyer

Iowa High School Press Association’s Annual Conference
Sam Lundry—1st place newswriting
Abi Paravasthuramesh—2nd place newswriting
Alyssa Farrell—current Editor in Chief of the yearbook to accept the 4th place yearbook in the state of Iowa from last year

Honors Journalism
We successfully aired a one-hour live news broadcast to over 4,000 viewers on election night. It’s the first of its kind from any local high school. It was produced by Sam Lundry, anchored by Jarrin Flores (editor in chief of the online news site) and Kinsey Paulson (editor in chief of the Spartan Shield newsmagazine), and ALL technical was done by Alex McLean.

Choir Directors: Mr. Rob Williams, Mrs. Meg Byrne and Mrs. Catherine Lyon
Band Directors: Mr. Drew Anderson, Mrs. Tara Daurer, Mr. Brian Gartner and Mr. Robert Medd
Orchestra Director:  Mr. Robert Swinney

Opus Honor Choir

1st Year
Grace Almgren
Molly Bimm
Dalton Hout
Madeline Murphy
Ciyana Wilson
2nd Year
Morgan McCartney
Amy Oberhart
3rd Year
John Mendelin

Holyn Doran

All State
These musicians represent the top 1.5% of all Iowa musicians and performed in the 600 member choir, 280 member band, and 200 member orchestra on November 19 at Iowa State University.


1st year
Lauren Brewer
Michael Guinn
Alexander Jungers
Nathan  Lyon
Roshni Nair
Sean Wallace
Madison Wells
2nd year
Cate Byrne
Joseph Clifton
Halle Fish
Elizabeth Lindmark
Megan Maloney
Zach Myatt
Brendan Wheeler
3rd year

Samina Abdullah
Lauren Carroll
Bailey Connors
Vincent Gnad
Ellie Kurth
Andrew Sandry


1st Year

Jonathan Hahm
Olivia Heckel
Carrie Peterson
Millenama Prasai
Ellie Zupancic

2nd Year
Ethan Good
Claire Thomsen
Keshav Wagle
4th Year

Ian Aplington
Maureen Thomsen


Ben Fuller
Shreya Khurjekar Matthew Nelson

**Ian and Maureen are only the 2nd and 3rd four-year All-State Band musicians in school history!


1st Year
Ruth Davidson – Viola
Daniela Rybarczyk – Viola
2nd Year
Veronica Henderson – Harp
Annie Warner – Violin I
Sophia Xiao – Violin I

Congratulations to the following students who were accepted to the SEISTA (South East Iowa String Teachers Association)
High School Honor Orchestra Festival:

Jeanella Cho – violin I
Dan Kim – violin I
Kiran Marla – violin II
Keshav Wagle – cello
Emily Preston Cello
Alyssa Paulson – Bass

Coaches Katie Rokusek & Brittany Kissel

State Solo Competition
Division 1
Samina Abdullah
Marie DeLessio
Kinsey Paulson
Placed Top 12
Hannah Lederman
Allie Zucker
Grace Wilson

State Team Competition
2nd Place – Class 6 Jazz
3rd Place – Class 13 Pom

Rebecca Abdullah
Samina Abdullah
Natalie Adams
Caroline Carlson
Caitlin Crome
Marie DeLessio
Elle Fietsam
Abi Haessler
Abi Hancock
Brynn Hancock
Sydney Lear
Hannah Lederman
Olivia Marchiori
Morgan McCartney
Haley Moore
Julia Necker
Mackinsey Paulson
Noel Pearson
Amy Showers
Kayla Stevens
Grace Wilson
Anna Worden
Ali Zucker

Bowling Coach:  David Wheeler

Regional Qualifiers:
Claire Johnson
Kirby Curran
Bobby Bender

State Champion:
Bobby Bender

Coach Andy Ward & Assistant Coach Niki Palmer

State Qualifier:  Michael Showers

Coach Rusty VanWetzinga, Assistant Coaches Eric Royer, Ryan Arnold, Jason Vice, Ron Litchfield & Joe Youngbauer

1st Team All-District:
Brady Bormann
CJ Carter
Michael Brees
Arthur Braden
1st Team QC Times All-Metro:
CJ Carter
Brady Bormann

Coach Amber Hall & Assistant Coach Kalie Pillow

1st Team All-Conference:
Elissa Moylan
Kelsey Ruff
1st Team QC Times  All-Metro:
Elissa Moylan
All District Team:
Elissa Moylan

Coach Erik Belby & Assistant Coach Nick Sacco
– State Runner Up
– MAC Champions
– District Champions
– Pleasant Valley All-Time Record for Top 7 Total Time over 5000 meters
– IATC At-Large Coach of the Year – Erik Belby

State Qualifiers
Nicholas Yanek – All-State
Konnor Sommer
Parker Huhn
Gavin Smith
Mark Conway
Anthony Peña
Ben Gorman

Ian Aplington
Ian Kaffenberger
Andrew Witters

MAC Champion
Nicholas Yanek

District Champion
Nicholas Yanek

1st Team All-Conference
Nicholas Yanek
Konnor Sommer
Anthony Peña
Mark Conway
Parker Huhn

1st Team QC Times All-Metro
Karson Sommer
Nicholas Yanek

Coach Jane Wheeler & Assistant Coaches Josh Hoffman and Melissa Martinez
– 3rd in the MAC and District Runner
– 10th Place at State

State Qualifiers:
Addie Swanson
Maddy Minard
Abby Riley
Mallory Lafever
Laura Brown
Chloe Greig
Caroline Christophersen

Lauren Buechel
Lily Jones
Cecilie Schieffer

Coach Dave Kissack & Assistant Coaches Caitlin Schaeffer & Bethany Hovland
– 2nd Place in the MAC
– Regional Champions
– 13th Place at State
– MAC Coach of the Year – Dave Kissack
– Regional Coaching Staff of the Year – Dave Kissack, Caitlin Schaeffer, & Bethany Hovland

State Finish
Claire Park – 1st Place – Diving
Aviana Zahara– 4th place – 100 Backstroke
Aviana Zahara, Emily Goodman, Perapa Chotiprasidhi, Lauren Groenenboom  – 4th Place – 400 Medley Relay

1st Team All-Conference
Diving – Claire Park, Trinity Shi
200 Medley Relay – Aviana Zahara, Emily Goodman, Perapa Chotiprasidhi, Lauren Groenenboom
500 Freestyle – Emily Goodman
100 Backstroke – Aviana Zahara & Perapa Chotiprasidhi
400 Freestyle Relay – Maggie Burke, Ali Staver, Christy Bishop, Libby Staver

PVJH Robotics Teams Win Awards at Regional Qualifier

Posted December 19th, 2016

Congratulations to the PVJH Robotics Teams!  Five teams of Junior High students competed at the Regional Qualifier at the Putnam Museum on December 10th and 11th.  Every team won at least one award and “Outside the Bots” advanced to the State Championship in January!

We caught up with the teams during their final practice before the Qualifier.  All PV teams compete in the FIRST LEGO League competition.  Teams research a real-world problem (this year the theme focused on the interaction of people and animals) and develop a solution.  The teams also design, build, and program a robot to compete on a table-top playing field.  At the competition, students are judged not only on their robot’s performance, but a presentation of their solution to that real-world problem and also what’s called “Core Values,” which are spirit, teamwork and sportsmanship awards.

Outside the Bots
Junior High Team
Advanced to the State Championship Jan 2017
Team Coaches: Jill Gneiting & Lakshmi Subramaniam
Bryan Caraman
Gleb Ivan Hultin
Jake Gneiting
Lily Dumas
Ramya Subramaniam
Salar Cheema
Tanisha Nanisetty
Zain Mohammed
Spartan Cyborgs
Junior High Team
Core Values Award
Team Coaches: Sankari Kandasamy & Namachivayam Ganesh
Collin Melody
Eric Hedgren
Saketh Vempali
Srikanth Ganesh
Seth Good
Stinging Scorpions
Junior High Team
Project Award
Team Coaches: Dana Good & Surabhi Ajgaonkar
Alexander Xiao
Bailey Harris
Garrett Conway
Jaitra Ajgaonkar
Kevin Lie-Atjam
Marvin Roebuck
Mukul Kulkarni
Philip Richland
Spartan Bots
Junior High Team
Robot Design Award
Team Coaches: Tom Breen & Venkat Nanisetty
Akash Pradeep
Blake Anderson
Devon Katragadda
James Breen
Lauren Puthoff
Rithvik Vanga
Flourish and Bots
Neighborhood Team
Core Values Award
Ebby Barber
Sara Hoskins
Aabha Joshi
Kavya Kalathur
Shveta Kalathur
Preksha Kedilaya
Genevieve McShane
Aditi Nachnani
Gayathri Pundi
Madhu Subramanian


CSI: Riverdale Heights, The Lost Colony of Roanoke

Posted November 23rd, 2016

Delving into facts and evidence, 4th Grade students at Riverdale Heights attempted to solve a long standing mystery:  what happened to the colonists on Roanoke Island?  These young investigators worked together to separate fact from fiction and then presented their cases to other 4th graders in the building.

Mrs. Woods presented the students with six scenarios of what could have happened to the colonists.  The students researched those scenarios and then broke into groups based on what they believed the solution to the mystery to be.  Of course, we’ll never really know – but students convincingly presented their ideas.  Solid research, teamwork, and thinking are always a way to help solve any mystery.


Building Bridges Takes Patience at PVJH

Posted November 23rd, 2016


If a crash comes from the 7th grade science classes at Pleasant Valley Junior High, don’t worry.  They’re learning.  For the last month, PVJH students acted as engineers building bridges with glue and popsicle sticks, all the while thinking about if the bridges are safe, cost effective, can stand up to the elements and have minimal environmental and social impact.

Students worked together in teams to learn about different design concepts, create proposals and figure out which model would work best.  The teams then built a prototype to test by hanging a bucket from the bridge and filling it with sand.  The biggest problem?  Many teams did not account for the 30 centimeter gap and built bridges that were just 30 centimeters long, which would fall right down the canyon.  The students learned from their lessons, rebuilt, and tested the bridges again.

Meantime, students heard from Bettendorf’s City Manager and an Engineer with Missman, Inc.  Both are a part of the planning and construction of the new I-74 bridge.  They spoke to the students about the long planning process, as well as the need for many city, state, and federal organizations to work together to make it happen.

Click here to see the full lesson plan


Kindergarten Meets Buddy the Bunny

Posted October 26th, 2016

When you’re working to teach 5-year-olds, getting them to express their feelings and thoughts out loud can be a challenge.  Teaching conversation skills is just as important as learning letters and numbers.  In Mrs. Seamer’s class, she uses a friendly face to help students learn how to interact with each other and adults.

Buddy the Bunny is a bit shy, so Mrs. Seamer teaches the class a song that will help Buddy make new friends.  The lyrics say:  “How do I make new friends?  I introduce myself.”  After the song, Mrs. Seamer asks the students to help Buddy feel comfortable enough to come out and play. One at a time, students come up to talk to Buddy, asking her questions and giving her compliments.  It might seem like a fun game, but at the same time, Mrs. Seamer is reminding the students to speak loudly and clearly, to make eye contact and to take turns, as well as how to answer questions and make suggestions to continue a conversation.

After Buddy felt a bit better, students broke into pairs and practiced asking each other’s names and if they’d like to play.  Students could only talk if they had the ball.  Mrs. Seamer worked with each team, making sure they were working together to have a conversation.

It’s sometimes the things we don’t think about that our students need most:  courtesy, kindness, and the willingness to help others.

Learning about Elections at PVJH

Posted October 26th, 2016


It’s an understatement to say the 2016 election cycle has been exciting.  In Mrs. Larsen’s class, she challenged students to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the Presidential candidates.  Each student picked a candidate and researched the candidate’s education, family life, and political experience, as well as reasons they should or should not be President.  The students acted as “campaign manager” and put together a poster or brochure to present to the class.  Students used research and presentation skills to learn how to find out if a candidate is align with their opinions, a lesson very valuable indeed.

Using Data to Tell a Story at Hopewell

Posted October 17th, 2016

Students in Mrs. Hornick’s 6th grade class are breaking down the Rio Olympics by numbers.  Students chose a sport and then looked at the data behind it.  For instance, they investigated the scores in diving or golf, the medal count for water polo or times in swimming.  Students then had to decide what story that data tells – like the golf field wasn’t dominated by a single country and what was the hardest hole for golfers.  Students then took the information and created an info graphic (check them out below).  A way to study numbers and use them to make an argument.

PVHS Art Teacher, Devin Hanson, Named Art Teacher of the Year

Posted October 3rd, 2016

web1-devin-hansonMr. Hanson has only been teaching for a few years
at PVHS and is already getting recognized for his work with students.  Art Educators of Iowa are recognizing Mr. Hanson as Outstanding Secondary Art Teacher of the Year.

A college professor nominated Mr. Hanson for the award and a committee of his peers chose him for the honor.  He said it’s something he wasn’t expecting, as he is a younger teacher.

“I’m very grateful to be honored with this award,” he said in his statement to the committee. “You don’t take on a career in education for the recognition or fame. When you become a teacher, you are making a commitment to better the lives of yweb3our students and your community, no matter what it takes.”

Mr. Hanson said what he enjoys most about teaching the time he has to get to understand his students.

“As an art teacher, I have more time to talk to the students and really know them,” he said.

During the day, he sees a wide variety of students:  some are talented artists; some are using their art skills to work in a trade.

“Students who invest themselves in art are a class all their own,” he said.  “These students all have different personalities, but are the most creative people in the world. Over the last three years of my teaching career, my goal has been to reach these students and instill the values of art education, whether they pursue art in the future or not. I once heard an administrator say, ‘we are in the people industry.’  This is very true in the world of education, as we are producing individuals who have the skills to change the world we live in.”

web4Mr. Hanson received his award at the AEI banquet in Burlington, Ia.

on October 1.  He stressed he would not be able to do quality work without the support of the Pleasant Valley Community School District.

“It is rewarding to be in a district that values the arts as much as they do, and they have provided me with more than enough tools to be successful.”


Troops Tackle Reading at Riverdale Heights

Posted September 30th, 2016

Reading, thinking, and sharing ideas about books helps students at Riverdale Heights focus on this year’s reading goal.  The staff is fostering a love of reading in each and every child, in hopes of seeing a year or more of growth in each student’s ability – but staff knows to do that, students first need to love reading.  That’s why the first Troops Lesson was all about students and their favorite books.

Like in all of our schools, students at Riverdale Heights gather in small groups of all ages lead by a staff member that is likely not their teacher.  These groups give students the opportunity to mentor, support, and learn from each other outside the typical classroom.  Riverdale Heights calls its groups Troops!  Each student brought in their favorite book. Then with a roll of the dice, answered a question about the book – who’s the main character? what’s the problem in the story? where does it take place?  These questions helped students talk about the book and share thoughts and ideas with their Troops and inspire others to find a new favorite book.  Check out the photos above and the video of the discussion below!

How to Help Kindergarteners at Home From Bridgeview Teachers

Posted September 30th, 2016

Kindergarten teachers are special, especially in the way they can capture the imaginations of a room full 5-year-olds.  Kindergarten teachers at Bridgeview Elementary hope they can teach that special quality to parents, as well.  On September 22, 2016, Mrs. Carlin, Mrs. Dolehanty and Mrs. Huffman held a Literacy Night for parents.  Parents came into the school for about 15 minutes to learn what teachers do in the classroom to teach students how to read.  Each parent received a tool kit that included a short book, sight word list, sight word cards, a dry eraser board and marker, and a slinky.  The teachers then described how they use each of the items in the classroom.  For example, they use the slinky to sound out words.  If it’s a short word like dog, the slinky doesn’t need to be pulled out all the way. Instead, students pull the slinky a short amount for each sound in the word “dog” and then push it back together when they say the sounds all together.  This helps students visualize the words  as they talk.  Students are also encouraged to write on the white board, spelling out the sounds of a word.  It’s okay if it’s not spelled right; teachers want to understand if the students can hear the sounds correctly.  It’s the hope that parents will work with their students at home on the same skills students work on in school.  Click on the pictures above!

THANK YOU! Run with Carl was a Success!

Posted August 26th, 2016

outlined_large_rwc_2016highrescarlrunningThank you to all who came out and participated in 2016 Run with Carl!  Hundreds of people pounded the pavement and got their Labor Days’ off to a good start.  We thank every single one of you who chose to celebrate the holiday with us!  Click here for pictures from the event.

Every year, the Quad City community gathers on Labor Day to remember and honor Carl Schillig.  Carl was a PVHS freshman in 1994 when he was hit and killed by a car as he participated in a Civil War Reenactment in the Village of East Davenport.  In Carl’s short life, he chose to make an impact on those around him.  He was the president of the freshman class.  He volunteered at his church.  He ran cross country and swam, encouraging his teammates along the way.  Carl wanted to go into the military and become an astronaut.  His dreams are the dreams of so many students across the Quad Cities, and it’s that connection that keeps people from all over the country coming back for the race in his name every Labor Day.

Since 1995, Run with Carl has supported local students, just like Carl.  Proceeds raised from the race helped send 34 students to college and will continue to do so. Under the direction of the Bettendorf Community Schools Foundation and Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation, the impact is even greater.  In 2015, the PVEF added 5 new scholarships for PVHS seniors thanks to funds raised by this event, all the while not forgetting the memory of the teenager and family who took a tragedy and turned it into a legacy for good.


First Day of School Pictures

Posted August 23rd, 2016

Is there anything like the first day of school?  We are so excited to have everyone back in the classroom.  Check out some of the pictures from the first day of school around the district!




Pleasant View

Riverdale Heights

Pleasant Valley Junior High

PVHS 10-12 graders get out early and the freshmen stick around to learn about the High School.  Freshmen students go on a scavenger hunt to learn the building, learn study and organizational habits and get to check out all the clubs at the at the activities fair.


New Food Service Accounts

Posted August 1st, 2016

Pleasant Valley has transitioned to the Infinite Campus Food Service system for the coming school year.  With this updated system, you will now be able to view your student’s lunch balance and see an itemized list of food service purchases right through your Parent Portal login!

Parent Portal View (available now!)

food service 8.1.16





You are also once again able to add money via credit card to your student’s food service account through our online webstore, RevTrak.  The option to make food service deposits will now show under the “Infinite Campus Payments” section along with your assigned and optional school fees.  A separate login for food service payments is no longer required! (See updated instructions on using the RevTrak webstore here.)

Communications for low food service balances will be sent to the parent/guardian email address(es) that the school has on file.

If you have questions about the new system, please contact Food Service Director, Andrea Mahler, at 563-332-5550 or


PV Foundation Awards 79 Scholarships

Posted May 12th, 2016

As the Pleasant Valley School District continues to grow, so does the generosity of the community.  On Wednesday, May 11, those who’ve endowed scholarships through the Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation awarded 79 scholarships to 79 PVHS seniors.

The night is emotional, as students are rewarded for years of hard work and determination.  It’s also emotional as students hear the donors stories, why they’ve chosen to honor a PVHS student in the memory of a loved one, as a business giving back to its community or a family showing gratitude for what PV has offered them.  Stories of love and life inspired PVHS students to make a difference in the world.

“You don’t need to have a lot in order to give a lot,” Jeff Paul, founder of the iHope foundation, said to the students and their families.  Mr. Paul established his scholarship after his grandmother passed away.  She’d left him a few thousand dollars and his family decided to use the money for others, starting by paying for student’s dinners on homecoming night or picking up the tab for a stranger’s coffee.  Mr. Paul teaches at Pleasant Valley Junior High and noticed some of his students didn’t have the support they needed outside of the classroom.  He spoke of a student who brought in the day’s assignment soaking wet, because rain came through her roof.  His family decided to buy the student an ipad and quickly saw how much the simple gesture changed that student’s work ethic and confidence.  So, he decided he could do more and started raising money.  He’s now raised tens of thousands of dollars thanks to winnings from his Iron Man competitions and local businesses.  Every year he gives a student an ipad, with the promise of a $1,000 scholarship when they graduate.

Mr. Paul’s story is just one of dozens behind the PV Foundation’s scholarship program.  The Foundation’s goal is to one day provide a scholarship for every deserving graduating senior.  Scholarships come from families, businesses, and most recently, Run With Carl.  The PV Foundation and Bettendorf Community Schools Foundation organize the race with proceeds benefiting students.  Because of the Run with Carl, the PV Foundation added five new scholarships this year, and plans to add more with the coming success of the Labor Day race. (sign up to Run with Carl at

These scholarships directly beneift PVHS students and will for years to come.  New research shows less than 5% of Quad City students who do not start a post-secondary program immediately after high school will not complete a program, whether it’s a four-year degree or a vocational program.  The Foundation scholarships  are a powerful message of support and encouragement to our graduates.

If you are interested in contributing to or volunteering for the Foundation, please email our secretary Beth Marsoun at

Click here to see all of the scholarship recipients


Congratulations to National and State Reflections Winners

Posted May 2nd, 2016

Congratulations to the hundreds of students who entered artwork in this year’s PTA Reflections Contest. PTA Reflections is a national competition encouraging participation in the arts and recognizing students for achievements.  In October, students entered projects in the following categories:  Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography and Visual Arts.  The entries had to fit the theme “Let Your Imagination Fly.”  Each piece was judged by Quad City artists.  The top winners go onto state and maybe even the national competition.

mirandamillergretchen highberger

Pleasant Valley had 236 entries this year.  That’s up 29% from 2015!  132 entries advanced to the state competition. Click here to see how our students did at the state level.

We also had two students receive honors at the national level.  Congratulations to 8th Grader Miranda Miller, who won an award of excellence in literature, and 5th Grader, Gretchen Highberger, who won an award of merit in literature.

Look at the list of awards for all PV students and check out the photos below of some of the artists and artwork from the January honor night.

Pleasant Valley Among Top High Schools in the Nation!

Posted September 3rd, 2015

Newsweek has released its High School rankings and Pleasant Valley High School is on the top 500 list.  PVHS is the only high school in the QCA to make the prestigious list of top schools.  PVHS ranked 369 in the 2015 list, up from 488 in 2014.  Only three Iowa schools rank higher than PVHS.


Check out the list here

Click on the graph to the right to see PV’s full scores.

Newsweek looks at several criteria and weighs them, as seen below, to come up with the rankings.

College Readiness

A combination of the following

College Enrollment Rate 25%

Graduation Rate 20%

Weighted AP/Dual Enrollment composite – 17.5%

Weighted SAT/ACT composite – 17.5%

Student Retention – 10%

Counselor to Student Ratio – 10%

Graduation Rate

College Bound Students



Check out the methodology here

Iowa Invests $1.3 Million in PV Teachers

Posted January 30th, 2015

Pleasant Valley prides itself on the quality of its teachers, and the state of Iowa is taking notice. The state is giving Pleasant Valley Schools $1.3 Million to continue investing in teachers.

For years, teachers have been getting together at faculty meetings and professional development, but that’s only once a month or so. With this money, Pleasant Valley will start a daily effort for teachers to collaborate, learn from each other and rely on each other’s strengths. The new system paves the way for more support and collaboration for all teachers to learn from each other instead of operating largely in isolation within their classrooms. It is not about test scores or evaluations; it is about sharing ideas and creating a system of support for teachers by teachers.

The money will go to hire Instructional Coaches, Leads and Models (read more about each position in the brochure attached to this article.) These will be top teachers willing to guide and mentor others.

PV will also hire two people, one for the elementary schools and one for the JR High/High School, to work solely on integrating technology into classrooms. Plus, all educators will get additional training and professional development ensuring our staff is up on the latest technology and trends in education, including implementing Iowa Core.

Bottom line? This means more qualified, experienced teachers teaching your children every day!

Pleasant Valley will implement the program in the fall of 2015. The money comes from Iowa’s new Teacher Leadership and Compensation System which is a part of education reform passed in 2013.

SchoolMessenger Contact Manager

Posted November 25th, 2014

SchoolMessenger, Pleasant Valley’s new notification system, has a feature that allows you to set contact preferences for information received from the district. Set up a Contact Manager account to modify your settings by using the link below. Instructions for creating your Contact Manager account can be found here.

Sign Up For Contact Manager

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