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How to Help Kindergarteners at Home From Bridgeview Teachers

Posted September 30th, 2016

Kindergarten teachers are special, especially in the way they can capture the imaginations of a room full 5-year-olds.  Kindergarten teachers at Bridgeview Elementary hope they can teach that special quality to parents, as well.  On September 22, 2016, Mrs. Carlin, Mrs. Dolehanty and Mrs. Huffman held a Literacy Night for parents.  Parents came into the school for about 15 minutes to learn what teachers do in the classroom to teach students how to read.  Each parent received a tool kit that included a short book, sight word list, sight word cards, a dry eraser board and marker, and a slinky.  The teachers then described how they use each of the items in the classroom.  For example, they use the slinky to sound out words.  If it’s a short word like dog, the slinky doesn’t need to be pulled out all the way. Instead, students pull the slinky a short amount for each sound in the word “dog” and then push it back together when they say the sounds all together.  This helps students visualize the words  as they talk.  Students are also encouraged to write on the white board, spelling out the sounds of a word.  It’s okay if it’s not spelled right; teachers want to understand if the students can hear the sounds correctly.  It’s the hope that parents will work with their students at home on the same skills students work on in school.  Click on the pictures above!

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