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Iowa Invests $1.3 Million in PV Teachers

Pleasant Valley prides itself on the quality of its teachers, and the state of Iowa is taking notice. The state is giving Pleasant Valley Schools $1.3 Million to continue investing in teachers.

For years, teachers have been getting together at faculty meetings and professional development, but that’s only once a month or so. With this money, Pleasant Valley will start a daily effort for teachers to collaborate, learn from each other and rely on each other’s strengths. The new system paves the way for more support and collaboration for all teachers to learn from each other instead of operating largely in isolation within their classrooms. It is not about test scores or evaluations; it is about sharing ideas and creating a system of support for teachers by teachers.

The money will go to hire Instructional Coaches, Leads and Models (read more about each position in the brochure attached to this article.) These will be top teachers willing to guide and mentor others.

PV will also hire two people, one for the elementary schools and one for the JR High/High School, to work solely on integrating technology into classrooms. Plus, all educators will get additional training and professional development ensuring our staff is up on the latest technology and trends in education, including implementing Iowa Core.

Bottom line? This means more qualified, experienced teachers teaching your children every day!

Pleasant Valley will implement the program in the fall of 2015. The money comes from Iowa’s new Teacher Leadership and Compensation System which is a part of education reform passed in 2013.

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