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Varsity Baseball

05/22/17Dubuque Senior Dubuque Senior3:30 PM
05/26/17C. R. Prairie Pleasant Valley5:00 PM
05/27/17Bobcat TournamentFarley Ball Park, FarleyTBA
05/31/17Iowa City West (Soph/Var)Pleasant Valley5:00 PM
06/01/17Davenport WestPleasant Valley5:00 PM
06/03/17Linn Mar (DH)Pleasant Valley12:00 PM
06/05/17Davenport CentralPleasant Valley5:00 PM
06/06/17CR Jefferson (V/JV)Pleasant Valley5:00 PM
06/08/17North ScottNorth Scott5:00 PM
06/12/17AssumptionPleasant Valley5:00 PM
06/14/17Western Dubuque(JV - DH)Pleasant Valley10:00 AM
06/16/17TBACouncil BluffsTBA
06/16/17TBACouncil BluffsTBA
06/17/17TBACouncil BluffsTBA
06/17/17TBACouncil BluffsTBA
06/19/17MuscatineMuscatine5:00 PM
06/21/17Western Dubuque(JV - DH)Farley Ball Park, Farley10:00 AM
06/24/17Brent Prange ClassicTBATBA
06/24/17Brent Prange ClassicTBATBA
06/26/17BettendorfBettendorf5:00 PM
06/28/17Iowa City, City HighMercer Park, Iowa City5:00 PM
06/29/17BurlingtonPleasant Valley5:00 PM
07/03/17Davenport NorthDavenport North5:00 PM
07/06/17Clinton (senior night)Pleasant Valley5:00 PM
07/10/17Dubuque Hempstead Dubuque Hempstead3:30 PM
07/11/17CR Kennedy Pleasant Valley5:00 PM
07/14/17SubstateTBD7:00 PM
07/17/17SubstateTBD7:00 PM
07/19/17SubstateTBD7:00 PM
07/26/17IHSAA State TournamentPrincipal Park, Des MoinesTBA
07/28/17IHSAA State TournamentPrincipal Park, Des MoinesTBA
07/29/17IHSAA State TournamentPrincipal Park, Des MoinesTBA

Junior Varsity Baseball

05/24/17North Scott (NC)North Scott5:00 PM
05/26/17C.R. PrairieCedar Rapids Prairie5:00 PM
05/31/17I.C. West (V/Soph)Pleasant Valley5:00 PM
06/01/17Davenport WestDavenport West5:00 PM
06/05/17Davenport CentralBrady Stadium5:00 PM
06/06/17Dubuque SeniorDubuque Senior5:00 PM
06/08/17North ScottPleasant Valley5:00 PM
06/12/17AssumptionAssumption3:00 PM
06/19/17MuscatinePleasant Valley5:00 PM
06/20/17CR JeffersonPleasant Valley5:00 PM
06/22/17CR WashingtonCedar Rapids Washington10:00 AM
06/26/17BettendorfPleasant Valley5:00 PM
06/27/17Clinton (NC)Pleasant Valley5:00 PM
06/29/17BurlingtonBurlington5:00 PM
07/03/17Davenport NorthPleasant Valley5:00 PM
07/06/17Clinton Eagle Heights, Elementary5:00 PM
07/10/17Dubuque HempsteadPleasant Valley5:00 PM

Freshman Baseball

05/24/17Iowa City, City HighPleasant Valley5:00 PM
05/25/17Iowa City WestIowa City West5:00 PM
06/01/17WiltonPleasant Valley10:00 AM
06/02/17Davenport WestDavenport West10:00 AM
06/05/17Bettendorf Pleasant Valley10:00 AM
06/06/17AssumptionAssumption10:00 AM
06/07/17North ScottNorth Scott10:00 AM
06/09/17North ScottPleasant Valley10:00 AM
06/12/17Dubuque Senior BlueDubuque Senior10:00 AM
06/13/17Davenport CentralBrady Stadium10:00 AM
06/16/17ClintonPleasant Valley10:00 AM
06/19/17Bettendorf Bettendorf10:00 AM
06/20/17MuscatineMuscatine10:00 AM
06/21/17Dubuque Senior RedPleasant Valley10:00 AM
06/23/17Davenport NorthPleasant Valley10:00 AM
06/27/17BettendorfPleasant Valley10:00 AM
06/28/17North ScottPleasant Valley10:00 AM
06/30/17Burlington Burlington10:00 AM
07/06/17WiltonWilton11:00 AM

Schedules Are Subject To Change

Varsity Softball

05/27/17PV vs. ICCH - Connie ShaferPleasant Valley9:00 AM
05/30/17Davenport North Davenport North5:30 PM
06/01/17Davenport West Pleasant Valley5:30 PM
06/02/17Iowa City West InviteIowa CityTBA
06/03/17Valley InviteGreater Des Moines SB ComplexTBA
06/05/17AssumptionPleasant Valley5:30 PM
06/08/17North ScottNorth Scott5:30 PM
06/09/17Davenport West InviteDavenport West ComplexTBA
06/10/17Davenport West InviteDavenport West ComplexTBA
06/12/17Davenport CentralPleasant Valley5:30 PM
06/15/17ClintonClinton5:30 PM
06/19/17MuscatinePleasant Valley5:30 PM
06/21/17Iowa City Regina (JV/V)Pleasant Valley5:30 PM
06/23/17Linn-Mar/Alburnett TounamentTBDTBA
06/24/17Linn-Mar/Alburnett TounamentTBDTBA
06/26/17BettendorfBettendorf5:30 PM
06/29/17Burlington (senior night)Pleasant Valley5:30 PM
06/30/17Iowa City West ClassicUniversity of Iowa FieldsTBA
07/01/17Iowa City West ClassicUniversity of Iowa FieldsTBA
07/05/17Cedar Rapids WashingtonPleasant Valley5:30 PM
07/06/17RegionalTBD7:00 PM
07/08/17RegionalTBD7:00 PM
07/11/17RegionalTBD7:00 PM
07/18/17IGHSAU State TournamentRogers Park,Ft. DodgeTBA
07/19/17IGHSAU State TournamentRogers Park,Ft. DodgeTBA
07/20/17IGHSAU State TournamentRogers Park,Ft. DodgeTBA
07/21/17IGHSAU State TournamentRogers Park,Ft. DodgeTBA

Junior Varsity Softball

05/25/17Cedar Rapids PrairiePleasant Valley5:30 PM
06/02/17Davenport West Davenport West10:00 AM
06/05/17Cedar Rapids Jefferson JV Invt.Cedar Rapids JeffersonTBD
06/06/17AssumptionAssumption10:00 AM
06/09/17North ScottPleasant Valley10:00 AM
06/12/17Cedar Rapids Jefferson JV Invt.Cedar Rapids JeffersonTBD
06/13/17Davenport CentralDavenport Central10:00 AM
06/16/17ClintonPleasant Valley10:00 AM
06/17/17North Scott InvNorth Scott HS8:15 AM
06/19/17Cedar Rapids Jefferson Invt.Cedar Rapids JeffersonTBD
06/20/17MuscatineMuscatine10:00 AM
06/21/17Cedar Rapids PrairieCedar Rapids Prairie5:30 PM
06/23/17Davenport NorthPleasant Valley10:00 AM
06/26/17Cedar Rapids Jefferson Invt.Cedar Rapids JeffersonTBD
06/27/17BettendorfPleasant Valley10:00 AM
06/28/17Davenport West JV Inv.Davenport West8:30 AM
06/30/17Burlington Burlington10:00 AM
07/05/17PV Soph InvitePleasant Valley9:00 AM

Schedules Are Subject To Change

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