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Using Technology to Tell Their Story at Cody

Posted November 22nd, 2016

What’s the best way to tell a story? At Cody Elementary, the 4th graders found a new and fun way to share a story. It allows the kids to use pictures and slides along with their voice telling the story in the background. In this case, students are telling  spooky stories. To help the students start thinking about how a scary story is made, a representative of Bettendorf Library came out to Cody to read them a few. Not only did they learn about the fluency of a story, but they saw and heard how a story should be read.

Each student started their story with the same prompt, “I used to be afraid of the old house at the end of the block…” and then let their imaginations run wild.  Not only were the stories different, but the presentations were different as well. Adobe Spark is helping teach presentation skills they will use throughout their education and career. Being able to combine their writing, reading, and presentation skills all at once will help the students grow immensely.

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