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Because of SCRA… One Year Later

The Scott County Regional Authority awards hundreds of thousands of dollars of grants every year.  Pleasant Valley Community School District is lucky enough to receive grants from this organization.  Last year, PV was awarded several grants and now, one year later, we want to thank the SCRA, and provide an update on several of the projects.

Bringing the Outside World to the Students at PVJH and PVHS

Science classes are always filled with unique ways of learning, whether that entails experiments, hands on projects, or watching exciting demonstrations. This year, because of the SCRA grant money, Pleasant Valley Junior High and Pleasant Valley High School students get to use the latest Virtual Reality technology to study things that can’t be seen or experienced in the classroom!  With the use of these virtual reality goggles, these young learners have been able to explore different ecosystem patterns, visit college campuses across the country, step inside the Pyramid of Giza, and so much more, all without ever having to leave school!

The headsets have enabled teachers to tell the students where to look, and then to have discussions on what each student is seeing. It has also given students the opportunity to learn more about simple coding, application technology, and provide excitement about the world outside the four walls of the school building.  Classes from College and Career Readiness to Earth Science to Coding have taken advantage of the incredible VR goggles, and their use won’t stop anytime soon!


Devices and Lab Equipment for Junior High Science

The science department at PVJH took advantage of the generosity of the SCRA grants received by giving students more opportunities to link curriculum to real life experiences and a more inquiry-based learning environment.  This was done after research had shown that learning increases when students have the ability to activate visual and auditory senses during a lesson.  These funds gave these young scientists the opportunity to learn about and interact with the KidWind Project, which engages students in learning core Natl and IA science standards through active engagement in activities around the topic of energy resources and renewable energy.

Within this project, students learned about things like wind energy and solar energy, the energy generation process, energy transformation, electricity and circuitry basics, and much more!  They developed an in depth understanding of these topics while designing windmills and solar homes from start to finish.

Through the use of this grant, students and teachers have been shown that collaboration on a daily basis is one very important key to success. The increased amount of tablet devices has been useful in many ways – for collaboration, research, web publication, news articles, blogs, letters, brochures and other forms of publication.  By bringing in new technology and updating current technology, students have been able to participate in the learning process by electronically collaborating with each other, the teacher, & mentors outside of school. These practices will be utilized at PVJH for years to come!


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