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Major Success for PTA Reflections Participants

Posted March 25th, 2019

Back in January, nearly 150 PVCSD students submitted over 200 projects for the 50th Annual PTA Reflections Program under the theme of “Heroes Around Us.”  Students showcased their efforts by displaying their art, performing their music/dances, reading their written works and more! Students who received an Award of Excellence then submitted their projects for judging at the state competition.

This last month, out of the 73 awards given at the State level Reflections competition, 38 PV student projects went on to place either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, taking home 52% of the awards! Those students will be recognized at a ceremony in May in Clinton for their incredible work with the Reflections Program.  The per school breakdown is as follows:



2 3 3 1 2 2 13


2 5



3 2 1 2


Honorable Mention

2 2 3 1 2


Totals 4 10 13 3 6 2


The PVCSD students who finished in 1st place will have their projects move on to the National Reflections Competition. Those students are as follows:

  • Kathryn Nels: Cody, 5th Grade
  • Sophia Foad: Cody, 6th Grade
  • Isabel Seamer: Pleasant View $th Grade
  • Veda Vegiraju: Hopewell, 6th Grade
  • Vrindha Vegiraju: PVHS, 9th Grade
  • Maci Tammaro: Bridgeview, 2nd Grade
  • Carter Luszczyk: Cody, 4th Grade
  • Jocelyn Bock: Riverdale Heights, 6th Grade
  • Preet Randhawa: Bridgeview, 4th Grade
  • Tanya Rastogi: Riverdale Heights, 6th Grade

Way to go Spartans!  We are so proud of your work!

SEIBA Honor Band Hosts 39 PV Students

Posted February 28th, 2019

After being delayed for bad weather, the Southeast Iowa District Honor Band (SEIBA) was finally held at Iowa City West High School!  37 PV Junior High and High School musicians were accepted into the honor band, which is the second highest honor a band student can receive, second to Iowa All State. Way to go Spartan Musicians!

Junior High Students (Left Photo)

1st Row: Kyle Almgren (bassoon); James Morley (percussion); Caleb Swinney (percussion); Deen Nair (percussion); Bea Goodman (flute); Anagha Sudhindra (flute)

2nd Row: Gabriel Anderson (horn); Gretchen Highberger (clarinet); Leah Pim (clarinet); Julianne Binto (trumpet); Bella D’Antico (trumpet); Johnny Ziegelbien (trumpet); Trevor Zimmerman (horn)

3rd Row: Nathan Musal (tenor saxophone); Phil Lin (clarinet); Isabelle Conway (clarinet); Tejus Kanathur (clarinet); Daniel Marshall (flute); Jun Oh (flute)
Not Pictured: Erin Morley (alto saxophone) and Katelyn Morris (clarinet)

High School Students (Right Photo)

1st Row: Emma Tews (Flute), Gina Prosser (Trombone), Cassie Smith (French Horn), Miranda Miller (French Horn), Rachel Heine (Clarinet), Erika Holmberg (Trumpet), Jordan Mimms (Clarinet), Regan Breen (French Horn), Lindsay Davison (Bass Clarinet).

2nd Row: Cyrus Barati (Bari Saxophone), Dilan Nair (Percussion), Akash Pradeep (Trombone), Nick Kamp (Euphonium), Ani Pradeep (Clarinet), Jackson Schou (Drum Set – Honor Jazz Band), Aman Manazir (Alto Saxophone), Jaden Logan (Bassoon), and Vishnu Challa (Clarinet).

Spartan String Musicians Play in SEISTA Honor Orchestra

Posted February 14th, 2019

Spartan Nation is incredibly proud of the awesome young musicians that were part of the SEISTA (South Eastern Iowa String Teacher’s Association) Honor Orchestra at the end of January! Selected string players from South Eastern Iowa schools spent a day rehearsing as well as performing a concert, which was held at Bettendorf High School. The following PV students were selected and participated in the event! Way to go Spartans!

2019 SEISTA HS Honors Orchestra Members:

Jeanelle Cho – Violin I

Maddie Anthony – Violin I

Lila Teitle – Violin II

Uma Kasichianula – Violin II

Grace Davidson – Viola

Emily Preston – Cello

Grace Welveart – Bass

2019 SEISTA JH Honors Orchestra Members:

Lee Kim- Violin I
Thi Phan- Violin I
Xin-Yan Chan- Violin II
Caleb Swinney- Violin II
Anni Desai- Viola
Jessie Parker- Viola
Carl Rekow- Viola
Kyle Almgren- Cello
Meredith Mohr- Cello
Trevor Zimmerman- Cello

2019 SEISTA Cadet Orchestra Members:

5th Grade:
Johann Deutmeyer-Violin
Avalon Anderson-Viola

6th Grade:
Victoria Rice-Violin
Emma Schrag-Violin
Maddie Sierk-Violin
Saipreeti Srinivasan-Violin
Cassie Garner-Viola
Laura Chen-Cello
Alika Cho-Cello
Regan Resig-Cello

Look out State, Here Comes PV Robotics!

Posted January 2nd, 2019

Throughout November and December, robotics loving PV students have participated in a variety of FLL (First Lego League) Tournaments in and around the QC Area, and have had much success!  These students have to work in teams to build their robot and complete a series of robot obstacles.  Depending on their success, teams can receive awards, and even advance to the state level tournament, which is just what six PV teams did!

Below are the tournament dates, the team names, and the awards they received at their competitions!


  • Riverdale Rocks Robots – Blue: Project Honorable Mention & Advanced to State Championship
  • Riverdale Rocks Robots – Gray: Project Award & Advanced to State Championship


  • W.A.R.P We Are Robot People – PVJH: Advanced to State Championship


  • Big Blue World – Nemo – Riverdale Heights: Judges Award
  • Blue – Riverdale Heights: Judges Award
  • The Brick Fast Club – Cody Elementary: Core Values Award

The State Robotics Championship Tournament takes place on January 19th and 20th.  Best of luck to all our PV teams!

PV takes home Hunger Drive Victory

Posted November 27th, 2018

#SpartanNation PROUD!  After six weeks of hard work and dedication from the PVCSD student body, Pleasant Valley has raised 57,859 pounds of food (40.2 per student), making PV the Class A WINNER for the 2018 Student Hunger Drive!

This amount provides over 125,000 meals for the Quad Cities community! Well done PVCSD, and a huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated to make this happen! What an incredible thing to see young people come together to support those in need!

Virtual Reality Fun for PVJH Students

Posted September 25th, 2018

Science classes are always filled with unique ways of learning, whether that entails experiments, hands on projects, or watching exciting demonstrations. This year out at Pleasant Valley Junior High, students get to use the latest technology to study things that can’t be seen or experienced in the classroom!  With the use of virtual reality goggles, these junior highers have been learning about different patterns across a variety of ecosystems, without ever having to leave PVJH.  We love combining technology and education to give PVCSD students the best opportunities to learn and experience new things!

PVCSD Fees by Building

Posted June 27th, 2018

Find out more about fees due for each PVCSD school by clicking here! 



Visiting Authors Sarah Weeks and April Henry Make Stops at PV Schools

Posted May 22nd, 2018

The PVCSD had the fantastic opportunity to host the amazing author Sarah Weeks as our elementary visiting author this spring!

During her visit, Sarah spent time at each elementary school talking with our students, reading with them, and answering their many questions. Ms. Weeks formally began her career by writing songs for Sesame Street, but she wrote her first story when she was just 5 years old! As she had conversations with students, Ms. Weeks discussed her inspiration, her research process, her love of Dr. Seuss books, and taught about her writing process. We are so appreciative of Sarah Weeks visit, so let’s give her a big #SpartanNation THANK YOU for taking time out of her busy schedule to inspire and encourage creativity in PV students!

We also want to thank all 5 PV Elementary PTAs for their sponsorship of this visit and for all their work in making it a success! Thank you staff and librarians for making Ms. Weeks feel welcomed and for making it such a fun thing for PV students!

In addition to the elementary school visiting author, PVJH had the incredible opportunity to have New York Times Best Selling Author April Henry come for a visit!

April spent her day speaking to groups of junior highers, telling them all about her journey to becoming a best selling author. Students were able to get books signed by April, and some were even awarded a special lunch in the library with her! April’s biggest piece of advice for these students was to never give up, even when it feels like you might never succeed.

We would like to give a huge thank you to April for taking time to visit PVJH and encourage their creativity! Thank you also to PVJH Librarian Anita Roche for organizing such a fantastic day!

PV 7th Graders selected as winners of Letters About Literature Contest

Posted April 11th, 2018

We have big news from Mrs. Jeffers’ 7th Grade Language Arts classroom!

PV 7th Graders entered a nationwide contest called the Letters About Literature Contest, and three students from Mrs. Jeffers class have been selected as winners!

For the Letters About Literature Contest, students wrote letters to the authors whose books have impacted them. Students submitted their letters before Winter break after working very hard on them in class – taking them through multiple rounds of feedback and revision.

Almost 2,000 letters from the state of Iowa were submitted into the contest, and they had to go through two rounds of judging in Washington, D.C. and one round of judging in Des Moines. Every year, six total letters are chosen as the winners of the Level II (7th and 8th grade) contest for Iowa, and PVJH claimed HALF of those wins! The winners were Anni Desai (Honorable Mention), Megan McKnight (2nd Place), and Tony Shamrell (1st Place). This is the first time PV has been among the winners and to have claimed three of the six spots is truly spectacular.

These students will be recognized by the state on April 27th at the awards ceremony at the Urbandale Public Library. Let’s give these students a huge congratulations for their hard work!

Students in photo from left to right: Anni Desai, Tony Shamrell, Megan McKnight

PVJH 5th Annual Poetry Slam shows off Student Creativity

Posted April 11th, 2018

On Tuesday, March 27th, 35 8th-grade students performed at the 5th-Annual Poetry Slam Celebration! This celebration was a compilation of the top poem performances from the school slam held the week before spring break.

The audience heard about students’ frustrations, fears, desires, aspirations, and passions, and it was a huge hit! A giant thank you to the parents and teachers who encouraged and supported the voices of PVJH’s students.

Here are just a few photos from the evening! Way to show off your creativity 8th grade!


Posted February 26th, 2018

There’s nothing like a good debate to engage students and spark meaningful conversation! During a recent unit, students in Mr. Paul’s Government class got to research their chosen topic, and present to the class in hopes of persuading their peers to support their viewpoint. Each presentation started with a class poll to gather their opinions, followed by the presentation of research and persuasion. Students asked probing questions to learn more about each topic, and were then polled at the end to see if opinions changed.

Great job Mr. Paul for challenging your students to back their opinions with facts, and great job students for engaging in thoughtful and thorough discussion!


Posted February 13th, 2018

The 8th graders in Mrs. Mulfinger’s Language Arts class recently participated in a Model United Nations simulation that opened their eyes to a variety of conflicts outside the walls of PVJH!

The students worked for nearly three weeks in groups representing different countries to learn more about how the United Nations works and what some of the challenges the group faces. Each country made a different proposal on how to solve the Syrian refugee crisis and had a discussion and vote for each proposal. There were even five countries with veto power, adding another element of education for the 8th graders about diplomatic discussion, alliances, and compromise.

Students were very involved in the lessons, watching two documentaries, doing research, and reading about the refugee situation throughout the unit. We are always impressed with our teachers pushing PV students to be engaged in the world outside their school and our district!


Posted February 13th, 2018


PVCSD and the United Way of the Quad Cities Area are working hard to encourage students and families to Strive for Less Than Five! Missing school can negatively effect a student’s progress in the classroom, so we need YOUR help in our efforts to get kids to strive for less than five days absent.

The winter months make this tricky, as illness are spread and poor weather can cause travel issues. Keeping your child home when they are ill is extremely important to both their health and the health of those surrounding them. But when your child is healthy, check out the five tips for missing less school in the second photo, provided by the United Way.

Thank you for helping us improve school attendance, and for giving our students the opportunity to have the best education possible! For more information about Challenge 5, visit







Posted January 24th, 2018

Over 30 seventh and eighth grade students participated in the Geography Bee on January 24th!  Questions ranged in difficulty and involved knowledge of U.S. geography, as well as world geography.  Students were asked two questions in each round, and were eliminated if both answers were wrong.  The final two students went multiple rounds together, both answering the high level questions correctly.  In the end, eighth grader Kavya Kalathur finished in first, with eighth grader Ben Eckman finishing in second.  Kavya will complete a state qualifying test this week, and continue to the state competition later this spring if she qualifies.  Well done students, your knowledge is impressive!


Posted January 16th, 2018

PV Orchestra students participated in the SEISTA honors orchestra festival last Saturday, and the following musicians have been selected to participate in the ISTA (Iowa String Teachers Association) Honors Orchestra due to their chair audition results!

Congratulations students on your hard work and selection for this great honor! This festival will take place in Ames, IA on February 10th.

Junior High:

Kennedy Brady- Violin I

Lee Kim- Violin I

Lila Teitle- Violin I

Emma Vaaler- Violin I

Caleb Swinney- Violin II

Grace Davidson-Viola

Kavya Kalathur-Viola

Daniya El-Zein- Cello

Chante Hardaway- Cello

Erika Holmberg- Cello

Parker Paulson- Cello



Sophia Xiao – Violin I

Jeanelle Cho – Violin I

Dan Kim – Violin I

Maddie Anthony – Violin I

Keshav Wagle – Cello


Posted December 22nd, 2017

The Junior High 7th and 8th Grade bands and choirs took holiday spirit to a new level with their awesome Winter Concerts last week! The programs consisted of songs like Hanukkah Holiday, A Celtic Christmas, the Abominable Snowman Chase, and All I Want for Christmas is You.

Special thanks to all PVJH music staff, including Choir Director Margaret Thompson, 7th Grade Band Directors Kristin Lopez and Monica Gil, and 8th Grade Band Director Jacob Davis for all their hard work to make this program special!  And, bravo to all performers!


Posted December 8th, 2017

PVCSD would like to give a big congratulations to the PVJH students who have been nominated to be a part of the prestigious 2018 Blank Summer Institute (BSI) in Iowa City from June 24th through June 29th, 2018!

The Blank Summer Institute for the Arts & Sciences is a one-week residential summer program held at The University of Iowa for 120 of Iowa’s gifted students who are currently in grades 7 & 8. The Institute provides exceptionally talented students with an intensive and advanced educational experience designed to enhance their intellectual and social growth.

Once nominated, students will complete an application process. Applications are forwarded to the Belin-Blank Center where the final selection of students will be made.

The following students were nominated:

Timothy Davison – Invention & Innovation
Grace Davidson – Global & Cultural Studies
Carter Dougherty – Advanced Science
Evan Freese – Social Studies
Erika Holmberg – Performing Arts
Kavya Kalathur – Math Problem Solving
Lauren McGovern – Creative Writing
Gillian Oenick – Visual Arts

Well done Spartans and good luck with the final selection process!


Posted November 20th, 2017

On Sunday, November 19th, over 100 PV students gathered at Riverdale Heights Elementary for the Robotics Showcase! This showcase is part of the PVHS Robotics team outreach to younger students to promote robotics and other aspects of STEM. Students from Cody, Riverdale Heights, PVJH, and PVHS were involved in the showcase.
Sunday was all about the younger students showing the work they’ve done up to this point, and giving them an opportunity to see what’s coming for them at the next level! The teams take time to learn about robotics and the different aspects building a functioning robot, but they also learn many lessons in teamwork, collaboration, and adaptability.
After the showcase, there was a Robotics themed carnival with concessions and other activities, like noodle and marshmallow model building and a paper bridge building competition. A big round of applause to all the students who participated, Spartan Nation can’t wait to see what you keep accomplishing in the Robotics world!

Posted November 8th, 2017

Last week after the Iowa Assessment testing, Junior High students got out of their classrooms and headed out on a ‘Goose Chase’ throughout the school! During different periods of the day, students were placed in groups and sent on 38 missions, all focused on different educational skills like math and discourse. Each mission was worth a certain amount of points and encouraged collaboration and communication. We love to see our students have a little fun, while still working together to accomplish a task, after a long week of testing!


Posted November 3rd, 2017

Students aren’t the only ones that get to have some fun on early out Wednesdays!  PVJH used their in service time on November 1st to talk teaching strategy, discuss new lesson plans, and play a few Minute-To-Win-It games to foster some competitive spirit.  We love to see our amazing educators interacting with each other and pushing one another to be their best, in the classroom and even playing awesome games!

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