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Meal Pattern Requirements

Food and Nutrition Information

Build a Healthy Lunch!

1 serving Milk (1/2 pint fluid milk)

1 serving Fruit (F)

1 serving Vegetable (V)

1 serving Grain (B/G)

1 serving Meat/Meat Alternate (M/MA)

Choose at least 3 of the 5 components or ‘colors’ as indicated on the tray above (milk, fruit, vegetable, grain, meat/meat alternate) with one being a fruit and/or vegetable (1/2 cup minimum). Students may choose every item on the menu if they want.

Example of a reimbursable meal:

Hamburger, Whole Wheat Bun, Baked Beans, Romaine Lettuce, Tomato slices, Apple Slices, Milk

Any of these combinations could be a reimbursable lunch:

Hamburger (M/MA), Bun (B/G), Apple Slices (F), and Milk
Baked Beans (V), Romaine Lettuce (V), Milk

This combination would NOT be a reimbursable lunch:

Hamburger (M/MA), Bun (B/G), Milk

Self-Serve Fruit and Vegetable Bar

Two fruit and two vegetable choices will be available daily. Students serve themselves.

All hot vegetables are served by the foodservice staff on the serving line.

Ranch packets will be available (on a cart at the end of the F/V bar) for many of the fresh vegetables.

Students serve themselves with tongs or scoops.

Elementary students may take as much as they want (within reason, of course!)

Junior High students may choose 3 sides

High School students may choose 4 sides

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