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Dear Pleasant View Families,

Each day we have many parents and special visitors joining their child or children at Pleasant View for lunch. This is absolutely an ok thing to do at Pleasant View. All visitors need to check-in with the office staff and receive a visitor’s badge. Anyone who joins their child for lunch needs to be aware of our cafeteria procedures for visitors. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that outline our procedures for visitors eating lunch at Pleasant View.

Am I able to sit and eat with my child’s class during their lunch?
• All visitors must eat lunch with their child at the tables designated for visitors.
• In order to ensure that all of our children have a seat within their designated grade level section, Pleasant View has 2 cafeteria tables established for visitors and their children. On occasion, we set up an additional table if necessary. If all of our visitors ended up sitting with their children within their grade level section, we would run out of room for the kids. This is why we set up tables specifically for our visitors and their children.

Is my child allowed to invite friends to sit with them when I come to eat lunch with them?
• Children in 1st through 6th grade may invite 1 friend to sit with them at the table for visitors.
• Children in Kindergarten are not allowed to have a friend sit with them at the visitors’ table. Sorry, they have to wait until 1st grade.

May we share some of our food with the child that we invited to sit with us at the visitors’ table?
• Sorry, Pleasant View students have been taught not to share food during lunch.
• This is an important part of our cafeteria safety procedures due to the children attending Pleasant View with identified food allergies. Children are only allowed to eat food from their personal lunch.

When should my child throw away their trash and go outside for recess if we come to eat lunch with them?
• It is our procedure to turn off the lights and give dismissal directions to each grade level prior to recess. Therefore, any child sitting and eating with visitors should wait to throw away their trash until their grade level announcement has been made.
• Following your child’s grade level announcement about dismissal, our cafeteria supervisors will begin dismissing individual tables within your child’s grade level section. Once your child’s grade level tables begin to be dismissed, your child may throw away their trash and head to recess.

May I use my cell phone while eating lunch with my child in the cafeteria?
• Yes, but please remember the purpose of visiting Pleasant View during lunch time.
• Children naturally want to interact with parents/visitors during their lunch verses watching an adult using their mobile device.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Cotton by phone or email if there are questions about any of this information. He can be reached at 56-332-5575 and

Thank You

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