Pleasant Valley
Community Schools
Educational Program

Series 600

Statement of Guiding Principles
General Organization
Type of School Organization
School Calendar
Programs of Instruction
Basic Instruction Program
Summer School Instruction
Special Education
Student Activity Program
Curriculum Development
Curriculum Implementation
Curriculum Evaluation
Technology and Instructional Materials
Talented and Gifted Programs
School Library
Career Education
Instructional Arrangements
Class Size
Insufficient Classroom Space
Field Trips and Excursions
Homework Guidelines
Textbook Selection
Outside Resource People
Discussing Controversial Issues
Animals in Classrooms
Instructional Materials Procedures
Instructional Materials Procedure (selection)
Instructional Materials Procedure (objection)
Reconsideration of Instructional Materials
Instructions to the Reconsideration Committee
Use of Information Resources
Use of Information Resources
Weeding of Library Media Materials
Gift Acceptance Policy
Individualized Instruction
Religion Based Exclusion From School Program
Private Instruction
Administrative Procedures for Awarding Credits to Students Receiving Competent Private Instruction
Student Transfers In
Dual Enrollment
Credit for External Coursework
Internet - Appropriate Use
Internet - Appropriate Use
Honors and Awards
Instruction at a Post-Secondary Educational Institution
Instruction at a Post-Secondary Educational Institution
Guidance and Counseling
Health Services
Pupil Progress
Progress Reports of Students
K-12 Assessment Program
Student Promotion, Retention, and Acceleration
Graduation Requirements
Early Graduation
Classroom Placement
Title IX and Title VI
Multicultural, Nonsexist Curriculum
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