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Skype with Author Reveals Our Students Read Like Writers

As the world embraces technology, it allows our students to make connections like never before.  On September 28, 2017, 2nd Graders at Bridgeview Elementary got an experience only technology could make happen.  They spoke live with author Kate Messner and asked her in-depth questions about her writing process, her characters, and her life.  It’s amazing what they jammed into a 15 minute conversation!

“You are some of the most observant readers I’ve ever met,” Ms. Messner said to the classes.

One student asked a question about two characters from two different books.  She wanted to know if Ms. Messner intended for them to look and act alike.

“I have never noticed that,” Ms. Messner told the kids.  She then explained that a lot of her characters share some of the traits she has, so they can act similarly.  But, as for looking alike, she said there were two different illustrators, so she figured that wasn’t on purpose.

Ms. Messner also talked about where she gets her ideas.  For example, she was researching a book in a mystery series and learned about a tree that supports 1,000 different organisms.  That tree turned into a completely different book.

Thank you, Ms. Messner, for taking the time to talk to our very excited students!

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