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T2K Program Goals

The Pleasant Valley Early Childhood Program has identified 12 skills, taken from Teaching Strategies GOLD objectives for learning and development that it considers to be essential for students to acquire before enrolling in kindergarten. Lessons will be planned and presented to give all students the opportunity to master these skills through play and hand-on learning activities. Students will participate in a variety of whole and small group instruction, as well as individual coaching and practice as needed.

Students will:

  1. Follow limits and expectations by managing classroom routines with occasional reminders.
  2. Take care of their own needs appropriately by being responsible for their belongings and completing self-help tasks.
  3. Interact with peers using successful strategies for joining peers in play.
  4. Balance the needs and rights of self and others by taking turns and sharing materials.
  5. Solve social problems
  6. Follow directions, of two or more steps to complete assigned tasks.
  7. Engage in conversations of three or more exchanges to share ideas and tell of experiences.
  8. Attend and engage in age appropriate interesting tasks.
  9. Identify and name at least ten letters, especially those in their name.
  10. Interact during read-alouds and book conversations by asking and answering questions, beginning to identify problems in the story and suggesting possible solutions.
  11. Write to convey meaning, including writing their names on school papers and beginning to use letter-sound knowledge to label pictures or write words.
  12. Match numerals to their quantities, recognizing numerals to at least ten and making sets to match the numeral.

Our Mission

“The mission of the Pleasant Valley Community School District as a premier innovative district in the Midwest is to prepare students to succeed in a diverse, global society by providing superior quality opportunities in a safe environment for each student to become a life-long learner and by continuously improving and customizing the educational experience.”

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